Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 12 &13: Working on the Chain Gang!

So it's the weekend and what did I do?

Farmboy and I have been busy with more renovation work on the house. Replacing worn weatherboards, sanding, finishing, painting etc, etc, etc.......

I always thought weekends were all about kicking back and relaxing...... not at my house...... it seems there's always one more little job that needs doing. Just goes to serve me right for choosing an old house over a bright and shiny new one. Been there done that before. I don't know, I just think old homes have so much character, don't you?

So Farmboy organised the new timber, and I got into my familiar role Project Supervisor and Foreman of Works. I mean someone's got to make sure all goes according to plan, right? Still now that the new boards are up and undercoated the front entrance to the house looks a WHOLE lot better, and best news of all, all that hard work burned off a few extra calories!

Hmmm, maybe I should get a job on a building site, it sure would help with the waist reduction plans. Mind you, my distinct lack of height would be a disadvantage, it sure has in the past when asked to help push a new stud wall into place, or pass the hammer, drill, saw, nail gun, other house building type tool up a tall ladder to a waiting Farmboy, and only being able to reach up halfway.

I remember when we were building our first home, we were both working full time so most of the work was done after work or on weekends, we lived in a caravan on our block and built the house part time. (I was still thin in those days.) We bathed in a hip bath in a little tin shed (I probably wouldn't even fit into it these days, but that's gonna change!!!), which was fine when I only shared the shed with a couple of field mice, but when the rat came in and decided to call it home, Farmboy was given an ulitmatum, finish the bathroom or else!!

So in the 30 odd years we've been married we've built 2 houses and a unit and renovated 2 houses. Seems like we just get everything the way we want it and then it's on to the next project.

Farmboy hard at work on the renovations.

We did have a bit of a break on Saturday and went to visit a really good friend of ours whose recently had an accident. I did my best impersonation of Florence Nightingale (so NOT my normal behaviour ;-) I made some Blackberry and White Chocolate Muffins to take with me and guess what, I was so good I didn't even eat one!! How's that for willpower. I think it's got more to do with the great Herbalife products I've been using, I just don't feel hungry so I haven't been tempted to be bad. Will have to wait and see how much of a difference this has made this week. I'm certainly not expecting to lose another 4 kg, slow and steady wins the race, that way I should be able to keep it off.

Quote for the day:
It's true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance? - Ronald Reagan
Tip for the day:
A diet is much easier to stick to if you have a buddy to share it with. Ask a friend to help you out, that way you've always got someone to chat with when you're down and to help you get back on the diet horse again when you fall off.

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