Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 11 - Friday: Geek girl strikes again!

OK, I'll admit it, I'm a geek, and proud of it. I've been using computers in some way shape or form for over 30 years now, from the earliest Sinclair ZX Spectrum through Commodore 64's and 128's through to desktops and laptops galore.

So if there's a program out there that grabs my attention I can't wait to download and install it just to check it out. I'm also a bit of a control freak, so I've got programs to help me manage my Ebooks, Photos, Recipes, Finances, Ebay bidding, SatNav fine-tuning, Music, Appointments, Contacts, Games etc, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

So what's the point of all this you might ask? Yesterday I found a new program..............A diet program...... I was cruising around online trying to find the calorie content of various foods and found a great website with an online database Calorie King Australia it really got me out of a jam. Then I noticed a link to (yes you guessed it) a downloadable program to help me manage my diet from my very own computer, complete with an up to date database of over 40,000 Australian foods. To me the holy grail of helpful, useful bits of software. I couldn't resist, I clicked the link, downloaded the free trial and had it installed in minutes. I checked it out and I must say it's really easy to use, you can add everything you eat for the day and get a total of how many calories and nutrition you're getting from it. You can add your own foods as well. It even let's you add the type and amount of time you exercised. Oooooh this is my type of program.

OK I'm hooked, shot off my payment and I'm now the proud owner of diet management/recording software. It's made me even more conscious of the importance of portion sizes, I mean my lovely chicken breast weighed over 220 grams (not a huge problem maybe) but it's more than our lovely government recommendations (I mean the recommended amount of meat per portion from this pamphlet is only 65-100g). No wonder we're eating more meat than ever before, we're breeding bigger chickens, with bigger breasts, yet another conspiracy!

They can't fool me any more, armed with my new computer program I can enter exactly how much my food weighs and get an accurate count of the calories I'm eating, HAH, take that all you conspiritorial companies!

Quote for the day:
“People who count their chickens before they are hatched, act very wisely, because chickens run about so absurdly that it is impossible to count them accurately afterwards” - Oscar Wilde

Tip for the day:
Concentrate on what you're eating, while you're eating it. Know exactly what it is that's going in your mouth, that way you're won't just mindlessly eat the whole block of chocolate, or large bag of chips in one sitting while absorbed in what's happening on the TV.

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